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Standard Beam Formwork factory
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High-speed rail precast double-line box girder
1. Main technical content
The high-speed precast box girder template has the advantages as high precision, simple structure, easy overall zooming, easy demoulding, simple operation, and can be hoisted or dragged to the girder table as a whole. After the precast concrete reaches the demoulding strength, the whole or reverse section is demolded. The inner mold is pulled out of the precast box girder inner cavity, it’s convenient for the operator to install and debug, with low labor intensity and high production efficiency.
(1) Precast box girder template design technology
According to the girder structure, span and girder field layout, the overall structural design of the precast box girder template and the overall force analysis of the template are carried out. The trajectory of the internal model is simulated to design the demoulding mechanism.
The inner mold overall structure, the connecting piece, the inner mold supporting system, the hydraulic system, the demolding mechanism, the rail system and the inner mold sectional design, ensure that the box girder can be pulled out from the girder end in whole or in sections after being precast.
The overall structure of the outer mold, the running mode, the outer mold support system, the planer track, the arrangement of the vibrator, the ladder, the guardrail, etc.
(2) Precast box girder template construction
1) The precast box girder template is composed of an outer mold, an end mold, a bottom mold and an inner mold.
2) The outer mold has two types: fixed type and longitudinally movable along the pedestal.
3) The end mold is divided into two types: the outer side covers the end and the end covers the outer side. Each end mold is divided into four sections for easy transportation and the whole is connected in the field.
4) The bottom mold is divided into a fixed bottom mold and a bottom mold with a movable section. The fixed bottom mold is used for the lifting of the girder by the girder lifting machine, and the bottom mold with the movable section is used for the girder moving machine.
5) The internal mold is divided into main girder upper type, main girder lower type and no girder type according to the structural form. According to the demoulding method, it is divided into two types: segmental demoulding and overall demoulding. According to the degree of automation, the mechanical off mode and the hydraulic off mode are divided. The hydraulic inner mold is mainly composed of a template, a main girder, a support jack, a bracket, a hydraulic control system and the like.
3. Scope of application
Precast box girder templates are widely used in high-speed railway erection projects.
4. Typical projects that has been applied
Harbin-Dalian Railway, Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Zhengzhou-xi'an Railway, Wuhan-Guangzhou Railway Passenger Dedicated Line, Hainan East Ring Line, and Hefei-Nanjing High-speed Railway.Standard Beam Formwork factory
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