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Corrugated Plastic Dividers
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Product Description
PP Corflute Partition help secure and protect your product during transit. We offer a wide assortment of rigid and flexible dividers that can be used with any type of packaging. They can be customised to fit your product and the desired packaging or container.
It is also available in the following forms:
*Corona treated to provid affinity with printing inks and are well suited for screen-printing and digital printing
*Anti-UV sheet has an expected outdoor life up to two years depending on colour,degree of exposure to sunlight and general weather conditions
*Anti-Static conductive black for complete anti-static protection
*Fire retardant grades are available on request
1) Buffer Protection: It is used in outer packaging protection of electromechanical products, architectural material, glass porcelain and so on.
2)Electronic Cases: It is applied in conductive and antistatic turnover cases of IC board and electronic component.
3)Fruit and Vegetable Cases: It is used to store fruit and vegetable, waterproof.
4)Advertising Board: Advertising bottom board, extensivelyapplied in market advertisement and school propagation.
5)Other Purpose: Vegetable greenhouse, architecture partition, heat preservation material, turnover cases of shopping center and so on.Corrugated Plastic Dividers
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